iFly passengers stranded in Hurghada told why they can’t buy other tickets

Russian tourists who were forced to stay on holiday in Egyptian Hurghada told RIA Novosti about the situation at the resort and the reasons why they have not yet purchased tickets of other airlines to return to Russia.

According to Evgeny, the flight was originally scheduled for Thursday, but the tourists were not taken to the airport, but transferred to another hotel.

“Everything in the hotel is fine, accommodation at the expense of Tez Tour, everything is included, we do not spend any money in principle, there are no problems with money,” said Evgeny.

He noted that every day a Russian-speaking representative of the travel agency contacts the tourists at the hotel, there are no contacts with the airline.

“Naturally, we are considering options for an independent flight, but so far, let’s just say, we are waiting to see how the situation will develop. If anything – we’ll ask our relatives to buy us tickets”, – said the interlocutor of the agency.

In turn, Anastasia, whose return to Russia was planned for Saturday, but will not take place, does not know yet in what hotel she will be placed – the accommodation in the current five-star hotel costs 23 thousand rubles per day.
According to her, airline tickets of another airline for the family will cost 120 thousand rubles. “To pay and then demand compensation is to waste your nerves,” – said the tourist.

The Russian Consulate General in Hurghada said on Friday that flights of other airlines to Russia from the resort are on schedule. Currently, a ticket for a direct flight from Hurghada to Moscow on Sunday will cost at least 25 thousand rubles per person with luggage, with a connection in Istanbul, the ticket will cost 15 thousand.

The iFly airline is looking for options for getting passengers out of Egypt and continues to work on coordinating documents with the Federal Air Transport Agency to resume flights to Egypt from December 20, the company’s press service earlier told RIA Novosti.
Since Thursday, iFly has cancelled or postponed all its flights to Egypt. The problems with them, as explained by iFly, arose due to restrictions for Russian carriers to fly in Jordanian airspace.

The company has begun working on alternative routes. The Federal Air Transport Agency said Thursday that it was coordinating the route because iFly planned to fly over Syria, but did not provide the necessary information. On Friday, Rosaviatsia said it noted significant flaws in iFly’s flight documents. The company said it was cancelling flights to Egypt through December 19.

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